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Connect with peers and industry leaders as they shape the future of our industry.

The OHI community is a collaborative community of owners, operators, and staff looking to better each other and the entire Outdoor Hospitality Industry. Connect with peers and industry leaders as they shape the future of Outdoor Hospitality.

By joining the conversation, you will have exclusive access to the best our industry has to offer, and empowered to become part of the community that is moving our industry into the future.


Elevate your Career

The purpose of OHI’s Young Professionals is to connect our newest and brightest members and empower them to grow with leadership opportunities, professional development, and community awareness. We hold monthly web meetings and host Facebook Live events with industry professionals.

Expectations of OHI Young Professionals:

  • Attend monthly meetings via webinar
  • Participate in your state association, if applicable
  • Enroll in Outdoor Hospitality Education Program within a year
  • Participate in Facebook Live videos with industry professionals on the OHI Young Professionals Facebook page. The Facebook Live events will take
  • place on the first and third Wednesday of every month. The speaker will present for around 30 minutes, and will be followed with an opportunity for Q&A.