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Shared Experience. Shared Success.

OHI 20 Groups are composed of non-competing member campgrounds voluntarily and mutually associated to provide a confidential exchange of experiences, challenges, and ideas at regular meetings.

There are currently six 20 groups, and all of them are of various park sizes and operating styles, bringing a nice variety and broad expertise range to the groups.

While each group operates a little differently, one constant is that every group meets in person twice a year at one of the group member parks. A benefit of being in this program and hosting the bi-annual meeting, is that your 20 group members will visit your location and perform a full SWOT analysis on your park. Their feedback can give you critical data that will help you improve your business, grow your profits, and be more responsive to your customers. 

Each 20 group member, typically at the spring meeting, is expected to share detailed business information so everyone can fully understand the scope of their park. The group works together as a collective to help support areas of need and learn from and grow each other’s businesses from individual and shared successes. It’s a true partnership in that each member is there to see the others in their group succeed and works hard to ensure that happens.

You will always have a designated OHI staff member to assist you in the placement process and to address any questions or concerns you have while in the 20 group program.  


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OHI 20 Groups are composed of noncompeting campgrounds voluntarily and mutually associated to provide a confidential exchange of experiences, problems, and ideas at regular meetings. They receive the benefit of reliable historical comparative operating data on a periodic basis.

Each campground wishing to participate in a group completes the placement data form and submits it together with a registration fee (that is refundable if the campground cannot be placed in a Group). The criteria by which a campground owner is placed in a specific group are based mainly on gross revenues, park location, and type of campground (destination, membership, overnight, etc.). Campgrounds must be noncompetitive and, whenever possible, from distinct geographic areas. 

Experience in other industries shows that trends, consumer habits, business cycles and other influences generally appear in one area of the country prior to being evident elsewhere, making geographic variance a positive factor.

Within basic guidelines contained in the OHI 20 Group bylaws approved by the OHI Board of Directors, each group is autonomous. Members must, however, agree to the bylaws as the overall governing instrument.

The group will function best when two members of the group are elected to serve as co chairs to help facilitate the group’s activities. The OHI staff assists in the operation of the group and outside consultants are also utilized when necessary.

The group Chairman, and Vice Chairman with the assistance of OHI staff when requested, are responsible for assembling the meeting agenda. Group members’ input on suggested topics is utilized as a guideline. Some examples of agenda items are: industry related subjects presented by outside speakers; concentrated discussion on a specific subject such as pay plans, personnel matters, paper flow, advertising and marketing, and so on as requested by group members; mini seminars; and visits to the host owner’s campground and even non-member campgrounds in the area.

There is a one-time application fee of $50 that covers the cost of collating and transmitting data, OHI administrative assistance, and related costs. 

All meeting costs are shared by group members. Such costs include charges, if any, for meeting rooms, any refreshments for breaks, and OHI staff attendance at meetings. Each participant is responsible for his own participation expenses which will vary depending on the group’s choice of meeting locations and other circumstances.

There is a limit to the outside functions and activities in which any given campground owner can participate. 20 Group members who give a top priority to their group activity will find that the costs are really a very economical way of obtaining valuable outside consultants who really understand the campground business. The additional profits and successes in your campground should far outweigh the fees and costs.

Members are expected to attend the group meetings and to provide the necessary financial data as requested. Campground owners who cannot initially provide all the data requested can still participate provided they agree to work toward the goal of providing the data within four months of joining the group. 

Confidentiality of all information provided to OHI or to a 20 Group member is critical to the success of the program.

OHI will provide the processing and distribution of financial data, maintain group participation records, assist the co-chairmen in setting up meetings, and provide a competent consultant or staff person to assist in conducting the meetings of each group.

Not at first, but that’s not a reason not to join today! Most members are uncomfortable until they get used to it. Some members will probably show losses and they have the most to gain from the group! Turning losses into profits, and increasing meager profits into substantial ones, is what a 20 Group is all about!

No. Individual park information, including financial data, is confidential and can only be viewed by the 20 Group member themselves. A comparative financial composite is pre- pared, by a third party company, from the financial and statistical data submitted by the 20 Group members. This composite report may be shared in whole or in part outside the 20 Group membership as deemed appropriate by OHI.