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As the national association dedicated to representing the interests and needs of the private RV parks, campgrounds, and glamping businesses that make up the Outdoor Hospitality Industry we are deeply committed to providing our members exclusive access to professional development, live events, online courses and downloadable resources to keep their businesses thriving and running smoothly.

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Team OHI is dedicated to supplying our members with essential templates, SOPs, and resources to elevate your outdoor hospitality business. The content within the OHI Learning and Resource Center is only available to active members. Not a member? Join OHI now!

Electric Vehicle (EV) Toolkit

Electric Vehicle (EV) Toolkit

The EV Toolkit is a dynamic resource that evolves with the changing EV landscape. Supported by our sponsors—Electrical Works, NewBook, Utility Supply Group, and Wild Energy—we’re excited to help you prepare for the future.

ADA Toolkit

ADA Toolkit

This toolkit will expand your understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its influence on business decisions, policies, and procedures.

OSHA 101

OSHA 101

Understanding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is essential for maintaining safe and healthy conditions for workers. This course covers the OSHA fundamentals and their impact on RV parks and campgrounds.

Outdoor Hospitality Handbook

Outdoor Hospitality Handbook

In collaboration with members and stakeholders, OHI has developed the Outdoor Hospitality Handbook. The handbook provides a framework to promote best practices in establishing effective policies and procedures.

NFPA 1194: Completion Certificate

NFPA 1194: Completion Certificate

This completion certificate course is designed to ensure that park owners and operators have in-depth knowledge of the current NFPA 1194 standards for RV Parks and Campgrounds as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association.

Prospective Owners Workshop (POW!)

Prospective Owners Workshop (POW!)

OHI’s Prospective Owners Workshop brings industry expertise to individuals considering purchasing or building an RV park/resort or campground.

On-Demand Training, Tools, and Tips

Training can be a heavy lift, but with this curated selection of on-demand training, tools, and tips you've got decades of industry knowledge at your fingertips to help you and your team grow.

Advocacy Unpacked

Advocacy Unpacked:

From the bathhouse to the state house, OHI is advocating for you. But what does that mean? How does advocacy affect you? And who’s the one on capitol hill? OHI’s Senior Director of State Relations and Program Advocacy, Jeff Sims, CPO, OHC, will answer your burning questions on government affairs and provide an update on what he’s seeing at a state, national, and local level.

Analyzing & Understanding Online Listings Data

The ‘front door’ to your Campground or RV Park is often the business profile that you display on key search sites or such as Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, or Bing. Each one of these sites shares back with you valuable information about how consumers find your business listing, what they do once they view it, and how you can improve your presence on their site, often at absolutely no cost.

Attracting and Retaining Staff

Learn about finding and retaining reliable, productive, and efficient staff members. From search methods to onboarding to training and general human resources, you will learn from those with track records of successful employee relations at their own park.

Basics of Building an RV Park

Wondering about how to go about building an RV park? Look no further! Here you will learn about the basics of building from the perspective of a consultant with years of industry experience.

Business Dynamics & Succession Planning

Family-owned businesses are wonderful but do come with their own unique sets of challenges. In this video we discuss navigating family business dynamics and discuss some highlights on succession planning so your family-owned business can prepare for the future.

Decades of Data: The Resiliency and Growth of the RV Park, Glamping and Camping Industry

It’s all in the data! Follow trends and insights that are having an impact on the growth and resiliency in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry.

Effective Ways to Achieve ADA Compliance

Chris Taylor, founder & CEO of ADA Compliance Consultants, Inc., shares cost effective strategies for RV Parks, Campgrounds and Glamping parks to increase access to your park. He will share what is actually required for ADA compliance as well as the top 10 items that professional plaintiffs look for to sue park owners.

Elevate your Signage

Billboard after billboard ignored, “this way” sign missed, campers getting lost on site and missing the important information your on-site signs are supposed to convey. But how do you get their attention? In a world full of clutter, you can make your signs stand out and not only be seen but also be heard. We’ll be joined by Todd Turner, Founder & Creative at up to something, a creative agency

Expert Tactics to Retain a Happy Workforce

As point of first contact, recruiting begins building the relationship for potential new hire with the organization. Your goal is to make sure that once you recruit and secure the right person, they are given the opportunity to reach the third milestone of the Recruitment Lifecycle – Align, Develop and Retain. In this interactive session, we’ll dive into the key proactive tactics in recruitment, pre-boarding, orientation, and onboarding stages that

Finance: Building a Budget and Planning for the Future

Your business is an asset. Begin with the end in mind. Join Paul Bosley, founder of Business Finance Depot (BFD), specializes in financing new and existing businesses in the campground, franchise and fitness industries as he prepares you for your journey in financing your park.

Generating Incremental Revenue

From optimizing existing revenue to opening up new streams of ancillary revenue, revenue generation shouldn’t stop at reservations. Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table this season by finding the easy ways to bring in more money for your park during this Campfire Session. Joined by Christa Neundorfer, Operator at Aspen Grove RV Park (Small Park of the Year 2021), we’ll discuss tactics for growth, proven best practices,

Guest Demographics & Conflict Resolution

The bread and butter of your RV park/resort or campground business are your guests! Who are you marketing to? Who is your target demographic and why? Do you have SOPs in place for guest relations and conflict resolution? Take a deep dive into guest relations, Go RVing’s 2021 RV Demographic Profile Study, and more! You’ll leave this OHI Webinar feeling empowered in your park’s approach to guest relations and increase

Hands On Disaster Planning

When disaster strikes, being prepared can make all the difference. Join the OHI Foundation for a hands-on training to ensure your park is ready in case disaster knocks at your door. You’ll walk away being able to define and distinguish the necessary components of a preparedness plan, evaluate tools that may be important, consider insurance options, and much more.

Increase your Retail Therapy Appeal

The best way to ensure your customers never forget you? Incredible store merch that they’ll always be proud to show off. Your store merch solidifies the memories made at your park, so make sure it matches the high-quality experience you provide to customers. It also can be a revenue generator for those customers who forgot the one thing they needed, be it marshmallows or bug spray. If you can save

Industry Trends & Insights Dive (2023)

OHI’s Senior VP of Membership and Marketing, David Basler. David will walk us through the 2023 report and share insights, year over year comparisons, and much more.

Key Elements to a Successful Season

Have an insider’s look at the latest industry trends and data that will guide you and your outdoor hospitality business to a successful 2024 season. OHI’s Chief Strategy Officer, David Basler, along with special guest, Newbook’s Chief Growth Officer Blake Collins. This session will take you on a deep dive tour of OHI’s latest research report—the 2024 Outdoor Hospitality Industry Outlook Report.

Kick the Tires: What to Look for When Buying

In this course, you’ll learn from seasoned owner, Mike Beckelhymer, on what to look for when purchasing an RV park/resort or campground. Mike has been through the buy-sell process many, many times!

Legal Tools of the Trade

Christine Taylor will describe her experience in the camping industry and the basic tools she believes every owner/operator should know. You will hear a high-level overview of the legalities of how to make your purchase, what due diligence looks like, how to address environmental issues, and even how the DMV can affect your campground.

During this course you will:

Sanitize & Winterize

In this course we will discuss season closing best practices, pedestal and plumbing off-season checks, common repairs and more. Our OHI webinar series panelists will help you understand the necessities of sanitizing and winterizing your RV park/resort, campground or glamping business and put you in a position to open in top shape!

Selling your Park the Right Way

What is the true profitability of your business? It’s so much more than a simple equation of gross or net times a random number. Your business is comprised of its assets, past financial performance, your goodwill, and so much more. Does reporting all of your income impact your pricing? Is your Business bankable? It’s about getting your team together which includes your attorney and CPA who will assist you in

The Art of Managing Remotely

Are you looking for ways to spend less time tied physically to your RV resort while still ensuring it thrives? Adam Lendi, Director of BEYONDER Camp will help you learn how you can create s’more time for you through the art of managing your park remotely. Adam will share tools to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to transition to remote management successfully.

The Journey to Ownership

A quick story from OHI Associate members (now campground members!) who started on the path to park-ownership with the Prospective Owners Workshop, just like you.

Tools of the Trade: An Intro to Reservation Systems

How do you choose your reservation system? Learn the basics of what a reservation system can do for you and your park and why these systems are important for your business. 

Tools of the Trade: Insurance

Insurance can help you run a successful campground. Learn what’s at risk and how to manage those risks to ensure that you have a strategy in place for your campground.

That's Data, Baby

Staying on top of the industry trends is no small feat. That's why we're doing the research to make sure you know what's happened, what's coming, and how you can keep finding success in a shifting market. OHI members get exclusive access to loads of market intelligence data on the Outdoor Hospitality Industry and beyond. So dive in.

KOA North American Camping Report (2020)

The results of this special COVID-19 edition of the North American Camping Report, sponsored by Kampgrounds of America, Inc., indicate that camping is well positioned to rebound earlier than other travel types.

Outdoor Hospitality Industry Outlook Report (2024)

The OHI Outdoor Hospitality Industry Outlook Report (2024) was created for your benefit and to maintain a current and ongoing understanding of the industry’s landscape. Get access to the latest data by downloading the report.

Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) Annual Report (2020)

We saw an incredibly collaborative and impactful year for outdoor recreation in 2020. In spite of the year’s trials and tribulations, the outdoor recreation industry was able to come together like never before.

Go RVing Demographic Profile (2021)

OHI members who wish to access the Go RVing Industry Portal should submit a request here. The GoRVing Industry portal hosts a plethora of resources such as the 2021 Go RVing Demographic profile and more.

Outdoor Hospitality Industry Benchmarking Report (2023)

In 2022, in an effort to provide more detailed and nuanced research for its members, the State of the Industry study was split into two studies: An Industry Benchmarking study and an Industry Outlook study.

Industry Outlook Report (2023)

Park/campground demographics reported in 2022 are similar to 2021 survey results (operational structure, types of campsites, etc.). Many parks anticipate increased profit margins in 2023, and expansion plans for the next 12 months may decrease.

RMS State of the Industry Report (2023)

This report focuses on the Great Outdoors in the Digital Age: an in-depth look at Millenial and Gen Z campers.

RMS Complete Campground Marketing Toolkit (2022)

Keeping up with the latest trends in the outdoor hospitality industry is a tough job. That’s why we cultivated a marketing toolkit with resources to help you strengthen your marketing strategy and improve the guest experience at your campground.

Industry Trends and Insights Report (2022)

In the 3rd iteration of OHI’s Trends & Insights Report, we growth, and more in-depth camper demographic data, employment trend data and the future impact advancements EV will have on the outdoor hospitality industry.

RVIA’s RVs Move America Impact Study (2022)

Detailed information about the economic contributions generated by the U.S. recreation vehicle industry.

KOA North American Camping Report (2022)

In 2021, camping accounted for 40% of all leisure trips taken with more than half of travelers (53%) including camping in some or all of their travel.

Generational Camping Report (2022)

Sponsored by RMS and RVShare, the purpose of this research project was to provide a profile on camping, RVing, and “glamping” preferences and opinions, with a particular focus on differences between campers of different generations.

KOA North American Camping Report (2021)

In a time of uncertainty across countries and industries, more people than ever identified as campers. This KOA Report found the number of active US households that identify as campers grew by 3.9 million.

Industry and Economic Report (2002)

A national operations and economic survey of the RV park and campground industry.

Industry Operations and Economic Report (2013)

The primary objective of this study is to provide a high-quality resource that helps identify trends within the industry, so that owners/operators can base their business decisions on quality, informed, and objective data.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Outdoor Recreation Economy (2019)

The BEA measures the outdoor recreation economy. This data shows that the outdoor recreation economy accounted for 2.1 percent ($459.8 billion) of current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) for in 2019.

Industry Trends and Insights (2019)

In this 2019 Report, we were able to dive deeper into expansion in three ways: 1) new park growth; 2) existing park expansion; and 3) potential for growth.

State of the Industry Report (2017)

The purpose of this study is to provide valuable insights to owners and operators, and to provide a baseline to track future industry trends.

RVIA’s RV Industry Association Annual Report (2018)

RVIA’s 2018 Annual Report includes accomplishments in government affairs and advocacy, education, standards updates, and what to expect in 2019.

KOA North American Glamping Report (2019)

A first-of-its-kind report, the 2019 KOA North American Glamping Report provides insights into the growing travel trend of glamping among leisure travelers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Generational Camping Report (2021)

The purpose of this research project was to provide a profile on camping preferences and differences between campers of different generations.

Industry Trends and Insights (2020)

In this second annual Trends and Insights Report, we gathered standard data on growth, as well as sentiment on how the COVID pandemic impacted—both positively and negatively—RV parks and campgrounds across the country.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Outdoor Recreation Economy (2020)

The BEA measures the outdoor recreation economy. This data shows that the outdoor recreation economy accounted for 1.8 percent ($374.3 billion) of current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) for the nation in 2020.

Industry Operations and Economic Report (2010)

2010 National operations and economic survey of the RV park and campground industry.

Industry and Economic Report (2008)

2008 National operations and economic survey of the RV park and campground industry.

Industry and Economic Report (2006)

2006 National operations and economic survey of the RV park and campground industry.

RVIA’s RV Industry Association Annual Report (2019)

RVIA’s 2019 Annual Report includes accomplishments in government affairs and advocacy, education, standards updates, and what to expect in 2020.

KOA North American Camping Report (2019)

Camping is the new cultural melting pot of North America. That’s a bold statement, but it’s true according to the 2019 KOA North American Camping Report.

Generational Camping Report (2021)

The purpose of this research project was to provide a profile on camping preferences and differences between campers of different generations.

Resources, Documents, SOPs, and a whole lot more

If you’re looking for resources on guest ejection, or outlines for maintenance plans, or even playground safety resources, we’ve got all that and more right here.