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The 2023 Generational Camping Report Highlights New Camping Trends

How far will campers travel, how do they book sites, and more insights

OHI (formerly ARVC) , RMS North America, and RVshare have partnered to release this year’s Generational Camping Report. This annual report details the latest trends of campers across the US.

“This report is crucial to campground owners and operators, giving them insight into their campers’ backgrounds, behaviors, and future travel plans. This data helps operators strategically plan their operations to increase their occupancy, drive revenue, and bring an excellent guest experience to visitors of all generations for the 2024 camping season,” says Adelle Rodriguez, Senior Director of Marketing at RMS North America.

Key data points include:

  • 94% plan to camp the same or more in the next 12 months.
  • 49% prefer to make their reservations completely online, with 26% stating no preference
  • 82% selected using online search platforms (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.) as their preferred method to find the right campground
  • Price is still a driving factor in campground destination decisions, with 33% selecting the cost of reservation as their top concern
  • Campers will travel 179 miles from home to get to a campsite
  • Campers spend on average $50 per person/per day or $200 per day/per site for a family of four.

This report includes generational data as well, highlighting the difference in camping behaviors between campers of different demographics. Campground owners and operators can make more informed operational decisions based on the diverse preferences of their visitors.

“The modern camper demographic is changing—skewing younger every year—so it is of vital importance to understand these generational differences when making business decisions,” says David Basler, OHI’s Chief Strategy Officer. “For outdoor hospitality businesses, the real value in this report is the year-over-year data we can share that shows these generational changes.”

Reviewing this data each year is an important planning step for campground owners and operators, agrees Jon Gray, CEO of RVshare. “Adapting to the changing demographic and preferences is crucial industry-wide. We are coming off the biggest tailwind this industry has ever seen, and to maintain category interest, we need to meet the customers where they are. From RV rentals to campground operators, it’s vital to understand our challenges and opportunities as we plan for 2024 and beyond.”

Accommodating these preferences can also be accomplished with the right property management and reservation software. Campground owners and operators can use this data to prioritize software with the most efficient communication tools, like triggered correspondences & SMS abilities, a customizable rewards program, and a robust rate manager.

This report was prepared by Readex Research, a nationally recognized independent research company. The survey was designed jointly by OHI, RMS, RV Share and Readex. The response was tabulated, and this report was prepared in accordance with accepted research standards and practices.

The full report is available for free to OHI members here.

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