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Meet Marcia Galvin of Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort

At Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort, history and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. As a participant in OHI’s Plan-It Green Program, they’re setting the standard for sustainable practices while maintaining a rich history and diverse amenities for guests. We were lucky enough to talk with Marcia Galvin, an eighth-generation owner and former OHI Board member and chairperson, about what real family dedication looks like.  

Main Office

Established in 1759, Normandy Farms has been in the Daniels family for ten generations. The park’s history is deeply rooted in the land’s original use as a farm, transitioning over the centuries from a dairy, chicken, and sheep farm to a modern campground. Located conveniently between Boston and Cape Cod, what started as a 25-site park, Normandy Farms now spans 100 acres and features 400 sites. This remarkable journey reflects the family’s commitment to preserving their heritage and maintaining open green space. 

farm animals grazing
Original farm infrastructure

Normandy Farms has made significant strides in sustainability, aligning with the goals of OHI’s Plan-It Green Program. Their primary goal is to maintain and protect the 100 acres of open space that have been in the Daniels family for over 265 years. By ensuring this land remains undeveloped, the park preserves a vital green area for future generations. 

The park has implemented comprehensive recycling programs, including collaboration with a local organization that employs disabled adults to collect recyclable materials. All buildings feature LED lighting with motion sensors to reduce energy consumption. Restrooms are equipped with low-flow toilets and tankless water heaters, and the laundry facilities use energy-efficient machines. To reduce paper waste, they have transitioned to electronic communications for reservations and activities, using wristbands with QR codes to access information on the go. 

Additionally, they’re exploring the installation of solar panels to further reduce their environmental impact. This project is in line with one of their four long-standing goals: “to adapt green initiatives by incorporating new energy-efficient technologies.”   

Normandy Farms continually seeks new ways to enhance their sustainability efforts. A standout project is their partnership with One Tree Planted and the local Second Fire Project. For every bundle of firewood sold, $1 goes towards planting a tree. Second Fire Project is their “middleman” collecting the donations and working with One Tree Planted to plant the trees.  In just two seasons, this initiative has resulted in over 10,000 new trees being planted, significantly offsetting their carbon footprint. 

Participating in the local zoning and health board meetings ensures their practices align with community standards and regulations. They support local, maintain positive relationships with their surrounding community and give back as much as they can.  

An exciting aspect of Normandy Farms is its animal farm, which has been recently reintroduced to bring the farming heritage back to life. The farm features horses, donkeys, goats, and baby lambs. While it’s not a petting zoo, guests can visit the animals and participate in barn tours. These tours provide an educational experience where guests can learn about animal care and sustainable farming practices. 

The farm is integrated into the park’s composting efforts, using waste from the animals to enrich the soil for the expansive gardening efforts around the property. This closed-loop system highlights the campground’s commitment to sustainability and offers a hands-on educational experience for visitors of all ages. 

Looking ahead, Normandy Farms is dedicated to expanding its green initiatives and continuing to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of the park’s operations. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, Normandy Farms ensures that both the land and the legacy of the Daniels family will thrive for ten more generations. 

OHI’s Unity Through Generosity Award, presented to a person that has had a dramatic effect on the Outdoor Hospitality Industry by generously sharing time, talents, or goodwill to strengthen the industry, was given to Marcia Galvin of Normandy Farms Family Camping at OHCE2022.