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How's Your GCA Account?

As the camping season kicks into high gear, ensuring that your park’s listing on is up-to-date and visually appealing becomes more crucial than ever. With campers eagerly scouring sites for their next outdoor adventure, your listing is the digital gateway to attracting their attention and securing their booking. is one of the largest campground databases online. Boasting a powerful search engine, it simplifies the sometimes overwhelming task of finding the ideal spot for your outdoor adventure. With countless campers relying on its services annually, has become the go-to platform for those seeking their next adventure. And if you’re an OHI member, your park already has an upgraded listing, so it only makes sense that you ensure your park’s premium listing looks premium too. But don’t worry, if you’re not an OHI member you can claim and upgrade your listing with one simple click. Just search your park’s name in the GCA search bar, choose your park, and click “Claim and Upgrade”. 

So what do you need to do to ensure you’re making the most of your profile? Just a few simple things.

A Picture is Worth More Than 1,000 Words 

We all know first impressions matter. Where potential visitors are spoiled for choice, making a great first impression is non-negotiable. Your park’s listing on is often the initial point of contact between you and prospective campers. An appealing profile, complete with high-quality photos showcasing the beauty of your park, instantly drives interest and takes the hesitation and guesswork out of things. 

Keep Booking Easy 

With the convenience of modern technology, campers expect a seamless booking process, too. allows campers to access booking links directly from your park’s listing, streamlining the reservation process. However, an outdated or incomplete listing can lead to confusion and frustration, potentially driving guests away. That’s no good. By ensuring that all information, including availability, rates, and booking links, is current and accurate, you lower barriers to booking. 

An up-to-date and attractive listing not only draws the eye but also instills trust and confidence in potential guests. When campers find a meticulously maintained profile on, they perceive your park as professional and reliable, one that may provide a top-notch experience. This trust lays the foundation for good reviews, repeat visits, and word-of-mouth recommendations, boosting your park’s reputation and success. 

What Sets You Apart? 

Every park has its unique charm, amenities, experiences, fun, we could go on. Your listing on provides a platform to showcase these distinctive features and entice potential guests. It could be a destination-worthy hiking trail, a sparkling swimming pool, or sleek glamping sites, but whatever it is, complete descriptions and high-quality visuals allow campers to envision themselves right there at your park, experiencing the magic firsthand. 

So, maintaining an up-to-date, complete listing on is not just about digital aesthetics—it’s about driving bookings, building trust, and showcasing the experiences your park offers. By putting the effort into perfecting your online presence now, you enhance your park’s visibility and appeal to potential guests later. While you’re getting your park ready for this busy season, let your park’s presence on take some of the guesswork out of your hard work. 

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OHI member park pictured: Palisade Basecamp RV Resort – Palisade, CO