Is Glamping Good for Business? Here’s What You Should Know.

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If you’re thinking about adding glamping to your campground or park, it’s obvious you’re already aware of just how much this luxury experience is taking off in North America. After all, research like the 2023 Camping Report from The Dyrt and KOA’s North American Glamping Report show that glamping is on a meteoric rise. It’s not expected to slow down any time soon.

In fact, data shows that between 2019 and 2021, 17 million households went glamping, and that number was a 155 percent increase from 2019. Yet looking forward, forecasts for glamping from Global Market Insights predict it to be a $4.3 billion industry globally by 2032. If you’re asking if glamping is good for business, the simple answer is yes. But there are a few considerations you may want to assess before you go all-in on glamping. Here’s what you need to know as you get started.

Think about your property

The type of property you have available for a glamping opportunity can go a long way in helping attract people to your site. A survey from Cairn Consulting Group and Glamping Show Americas shows that most current glamping sites are located near some kind of natural attraction or a state or national park. And while you may not have the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls in your back yard, that doesn’t mean your property can’t be a draw.

One of the great things about glamping is that it just needs to offer an experience that merges nature and luxury. That means if you have land, there’s a good likelihood that you can make glamping work on your property. Farms, wineries, desert communities — in addition to the destinations that overlook natural attractions — can be a draw when you put in the effort to offer a great glamping experience. Today’s guests want to disconnect close to home, so if you have a property that allows that to happen, you’ll be able to deliver.

Weigh the costs

Glamping has startup costs that you will want to think through as you consider whether glamping is good for a business like yours. If you already have the land, you won’t need to worry about land acquisition costs. However, depending upon the types of structures and provisions you’d like to offer, costs may vary. The cost of a tent may be lowest but be sure to think about replacement costs and efficiency, while also looking at, for example, PlainsCraft Covered Wagons, which come with full bathrooms, heat, A/C, and are well insulated. The right structures can extend your season and give you more income through each season.

In addition, glamping may require work be done on your property to set up glamping sites. You may need to clear brush, install utilities for fresh water and sewage, and set up electric. Perhaps you’ll want to install an outdoor kitchen or build platforms for your glamping structures. If you currently own a campground or RV park, it might be simple to convert a space into a glamping space. Be thinking about what your dream glamping scenario looks like to begin looking accurately at what your Return on Investment might be. Don’t forget to add in regular maintenance costs like website maintenance and cleaning as well. What we’ve found is that the ROI year over year can be recouped quickly because glamping is in such high demand.

Talk to your municipality

It’s important to begin looking into your community’s laws regarding zoning and permitting before you get too far into the planning process. These laws vary from state to state and can even vary between counties within the same state. Start by looking into permitting to see if you can legally operate a glamping site. If you have a city planning department, begin there, or start looking for the office that would have insights into zoning laws, as these offices also vary from state to state and within different communities.

Next, work locally on permitting for a glamping site. As a glamping entrepreneur, keep in mind that some municipalities are unfamiliar with the process, and you may need to give them insights. To try to make the process go smoothly, you could hire a company like Glampitect, which offers usability studies and can guide you through the process. We also recommend you stay proactive, organized, and communicative to ensure the best results. Once you know what is feasible from the municipality’s standpoint, it will be easier to begin moving forward on creating your successful glamping endeavor.

Start planning

If you’re ready to add glamping to your business, we invite you to get in touch. We’ve designed PlainsCraft Covered Wagons to provide you with an outstanding return on investment, with incredible luxury in every detail. And they are exactly what your guests are looking for as they search for unforgettable glamping experiences.

Spring is just around the corner, and there’s still time to add a fresh glamping option to your business. Get in touch to see what PlainsCraft has to offer your site and let us share how glamping is good for business.