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Celebrating Excellence in Outdoor Hospitality

As the outdoor hospitality industry continues to evolve and thrive, recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements is necessary. At National ARVC, we understand the importance of honoring exceptional individuals, organizations, and parks that have elevated the standards of outdoor hospitality. The nomination applications for the National ARVC Awards of Excellence are open, allowing you to discover the significance of these awards and how you can participate in celebrating excellence in the industry.

National ARVC Awards of Excellence:
The National ARVC Awards of Excellence serve as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the exemplary efforts of individuals, businesses, and parks within the outdoor hospitality community. These awards encompass various categories, recognizing excellence in areas such as campground operations, customer service, marketing, innovation, environmental stewardship, and community involvement. By honoring exceptional achievements, the National ARVC Awards of Excellence inspire the community to strive for greatness and continuously raise the bar in the industry.

Categories for Recognition:
The National ARVC Awards of Excellence span a wide range of categories to ensure that various aspects of outdoor hospitality are acknowledged. Nominees must be current, active members of National ARVC that have been in business for at least one year.

National ARVC Park of the Year Award(Small, Medium, Large, and Mega): Recognizing outstanding National ARVC member parks within each size category.
National ARVC Supplier of the Year Award: Acknowledging a National ARVC Supplier that has consistently provided exceptional products or services to the outdoor hospitality industry.
Plan-It Green Friendly Park of the Year Award: Honoring two parks (size-based categories) that have shown exemplary commitment to environmental sustainability and green initiatives.
Unity Through Generosity Award: This award is presented to a person(s) or group that has had a dramatic effect on the outdoor hospitality industry by generously sharing time, talents, or goodwill.
Campground Partner Award: An award for an individual in the Outdoor Hospitality industry who has demonstrated a personal commitment to their professional development and their business through the use of National ARVC programs.
State Directory of the Year Award (Small, Medium and Large Park: This award will be given to states with exemplary directories concerning ease of use, design, technology, consumer resources and distribution.
State Leadership Award: This award is for an individual in the outdoor hospitality industry who has demonstrated a commitment to their professional growth and contributed significant time and talent to their state association and National ARVC.

How to Submit Nominations:
If you know of an individual, business, or park deserving of recognition, now is the time to submit your nominations! Or celebrate your own wins and nominate yourself! Visit the Awards of Excellence page and follow the instructions provided. Ensure that you carefully review the criteria for each award category before submitting your nominations. The nomination process is open so don’t miss this opportunity to shine a spotlight on those who have made a significant impact in outdoor hospitality.

*APPLICATIONS DEADLINE: AUGUST 31, 2023* There is no cost to enter.