Re-Engaging Your Visitors

3 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies

Keeping your guests excited about your property can be cost-effective and impactful with a strategic email plan. Luckily, your Property Management System (PMS) likely has features to enhance your campaigns. Let’s explore these features and refine your email content and timing for maximum engagement.

 1. Leverage Built-in PMS Email Marketing Features

Your PMS might offer built-in email marketing, either free or for a fee. Look for features that streamline your strategy within your PMS database:

  • Brand-Matching Design Tools: Design tools with custom colors, image galleries, videos, buttons, and various fonts let you create unique, attention-grabbing emails. If you’re new to email design, pre-made templates are often available to customize with your brand.
  • Targeted Customer Filtering: Tools that enable filtering for specific audiences ensure you reach the right people, not everyone. Refine your guest lists – target those who stayed last Independence Day for a special offer this year! Built-in segmentation makes personalization a breeze.
  • Personalized Merge Fields: Merge fields let you create email templates that automatically insert a guest’s name, reservation details, anniversary, birthday, or loyalty points balance. Save your creations for future use.
  • Triggered & Scheduled Emails: Don’t worry about forgetting to send those beautiful emails! “Triggered Correspondence” lets guest actions trigger emails, like a stay summary upon check-out. Schedule non-reservation-based emails in advance.
  • Performance Reporting: Use PMS reports to track campaign progress. Look at open rates, clicked links, unsubscribes, bounces, and more. This data helps you refine future campaigns based on performance.

2. Craft Meaningful Messaging to Nurture Guests

Standing out in inboxes requires crafting personalized, valuable content. Around 75% of marketers believe personalization increases sales and repeat business, so ditch the generic emails. Here are some ideas to add a personal touch:

  • Offer the Same Room as their Last Visit
  • Discount Rates for Returning Guests
  • Use Past Stay Notes to Recommend Activities
  • Showcase New Property Upgrades or Offerings
  • Acknowledge Milestones, Like Anniversaries or Birthdays

Use design tools to create visually appealing emails that grab attention. Changing fall foliage at your property? Design a punny fall subject line or incorporate fall colors in your email.

3. Strategic Timing for Optimal Email Engagement

With your PMS email features identified and personalized content written, plan your outreach timeline.

If you can configure “Triggered Correspondence” in your PMS, schedule emails for these stages:

  • Booking: Make a good first impression! Address guests by name, confirm booking details, and highlight features that make them excited to stay. This is also a great time to promote your rewards program
  • Pre-Check In: Express your excitement to see them soon! Request any needed documents or arrival information (vehicle info, closed areas, etc.). This is your chance to offer upsells like champagne or room upgrades.
  • Check-In: Warmly welcome guests, provide booking details, and offer essential info like the WIFI password or pool hours.
  • Check-Out: Thank them for staying, provide a stay summary, and notify them of upcoming events at your property.
  • In-Between Nurturing: Stay on guests’ radars with gentle email reminders that you appreciate their business. Send discounted rates for slow weekends or property updates. Holiday emails keep guests engaged year-round.

Don’t overwhelm guests, but remember, sometimes emails get missed. Your PMS might have a filter to catch those who haven’t opened yours.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Tools

With the right strategy and practice, you can create a positive, lasting impression on your visitors. For more branding strategies, personalized email templates, and engagement hacks, download RMS’s free Marketing Toolkit.

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