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From Colonial Meadows to a Hospitality Legacy

The Vibrant History of Pinewood Lodge Campground

Step back into the archives of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and you’ll find the roots of the Saunders Family intertwined with the soil of Pinewood Lodge Campground. Where history weaves through generations of Saunders, we invite you to explore the dynamic saga of the Saunders family and their beloved haven in the “Land of Pinewood.” 

Namesake Pines

Throughout time, the forest now called Pinewood served a different purpose – it was the raw material for colonial homes and the source of warmth through chilly New England winters in the 1700s. When the forests were cleared, the land earned the moniker “Fresh Meadow,” and the nearby lake, now Pinewood Lake, bore the name “Fresh Meadow Lake.”  

Joshua Cole (1768-1851) and his kin likely walked these grounds, their toil and sweat nurturing the land. Later, Alfred Cole (1801-1866), with his green thumb and entrepreneurial spirit, cultivated melons, strawberries, and a bounty of vegetables, selling them from his fruit and vegetable stand in town. As time moved forward, the land changed hands within the family, eventually finding itself under the lead of George Edwin Freeman in the late 1800s, who transformed it into a haven for duck hunters. 

But the true saga of Pinewood began to unfold in the hands of Albert Freeman Saunders and his wife, Corinne Paine Saunders. They saw more than just land, they saw a summer sanctuary. A place to call home amidst the whispering pines. And so, they did just that, turning Fresh Meadow into a forest retreat. 

However, nature had its plans, unleashing destructive hurricanes in 1938 and 1944, destroying thousands of pine trees. Yet, from the chaos emerged resilience – Albert and his father embarked on a labor of love, crafting Pinewood Lodge from the trees that had fallen. And despite the challenges of war and the lack of modern comforts, their determination was endless. 

fallen pines
clearing debris on property

Finally, in 1951, with a flourish of celebration, Pinewood Lodge opened its doors, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Weddings, receptions, and countless gatherings filled its halls amidst the scent of pine. As Albert and Corinne’s family grew, so did their dreams, eventually leading to the birth of Pinewood Lodge Campground in 1962. 

As Albert and Linda balanced their careers with campground management, their dedication never wavered. With each passing year, they infused Pinewood with fresh energy and vision, setting the stage for their children to carry the torch forward. 

lodge construction
lodge interior during construction

In 1982, the time came for Albert Sr. and Connie to pass the baton, retiring to embrace the joys of camping themselves. Albert and Linda stepped into the spotlight, steering Pinewood into a new era of prosperity. 

The transition was seamless, with Jim Saunders graduating from college in 1986 and making Pinewood his career. Joined by his brothers, Jack and Jeff, and their families, they embarked on a shared journey of ownership. 

the Saunders brothers

In the years that followed, Pinewood flourished, evolving to meet the needs of modern campers while staying true to its roots. The campground expanded, amenities were enhanced, and the Saunders family’s commitment to excellence remained unwavering. 

boat launch
view of the lake

Brian Saunders leads the 5th generation of Pinewood into the future, actively ensuring the park keeps pace with evolving technologies in the industry. From utility upgrades for growing rigs to inventive customer communication methods and fresh approaches to activities and events, Brian and his team aim to impact lives through camping while expanding the park’s functionality and service areas. From the bustling summers to quiet winters, they nurture not just a business, but a legacy of hospitality.


Pinewood staff dressed up for Halloween
Brian Saunders and family