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Top 10 Factors Influencing Campground Bookings in 2024

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Campgrounds and RV parks are witnessing dramatic shifts in camping industry trends evident in evolving camper demographics and preferences as we continue to see remarkable growth in the outdoor hospitality industry. Differentiating your campground or RV park from your competition by offering amenities and experiences that specifically cater to the preferences of today’s camper is the strategic advantage you need to thrive this year and beyond. Discover the top 10 factors influencing campground and RV bookings in 2024 and how you can leverage these features to increase revenue growth by attracting new customers and optimizing customer retention.

1. Sustainability Initiatives

Today’s camper is increasingly environmentally conscious, especially Millennial and Gen Z travelers who are seeking outdoor experiences and campgrounds that align with their values and desire to support sustainability initiatives. Campgrounds that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as campground recycling programs, renewable energy sources, and essential eco-friendly amenities including charging stations for EV vehicles become more attractive to environmentally conscious campers seeking to support sustainable camping practices. Participation in sustainability initiatives also presents your campground or RV park with a unique opportunity for recognition through OHI’s Plan It Green Program which celebrates parks with a commitment to sustainable camping. For more inspiration on ways to make a campground or RV park more sustainable as an investment in the future of the great outdoors and to motivate campers to book, check out this comprehensive Sustainability Guide for Campground and RV Park Owners.

2. Technology Integration

According to the 2024 OHI Industry Outlook Report, WiFi is the 2nd most sought-after amenity amongst campers, second in popularity only to pools. Lack of WiFi can be an immense source of frustration for campers, particularly those with young children or remote workers, and can inhibit the overall enjoyment of your campground. Technology integration provides opportunities for streamlined check-in and customer communication through mobile-app based reservations, discovering local offerings in the area, staying connected with loved ones, utilizing campground maps on your website or app, working remotely, and ultimately allows campers to make the most of their valuable time at your campground or RV park. 

3. Scenic Locations and Natural Beauty

Camping trends indicate that travelers consistently seek out campgrounds in picturesque settings with access to nature trails, scenic views, and plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, and waterfront recreation. Campgrounds located near national and state parks, lakes, mountains, and beaches are particularly desirable, therefore it is paramount to leverage these features in your campground or RV park marketing to optimize revenue. Your website, OTA listing, social media, and digital marketing strategies must harness these differentiating factors to attract travelers seeking the precise offerings of your campground and propel bookings.

4. Unique Experiences

Campers are drawn to immersive experiences that reconnect them with nature, promote wellness, and foster a sense of community. They crave opportunities for adventure and transformative experiences, whether it’s through stargazing, kayaking, or group activities, all while seeking moments of tranquility to unwind from the hectic pace of modern life. Campground owners can leverage local events and festivals as well as naturally occurring events like eclipses, full moons, meteor showers, and seasonal leaf changes for a low-cost way to attract campers and increase bookings. Discover more campground and RV park marketing ideas and ways to attract campers with natural events and unique experiences.

5. Essential Amenities and Well-Maintained Facilities

Campers expect clean and well-maintained campground facilities, including restrooms, showers, picnic areas, campsites, and accommodations. Campgrounds must prioritize cleanliness, regular maintenance, and landscaping to enhance the overall camping experience for guests. With online reviews and word of mouth more prevalent than ever, campgrounds and RV parks must meet and exceed guest expectations through exceptionally maintained facilities and outstanding customer service to retain and attract campers. Ensure that your website, OTA listing, and social media pages reflect the superior facilities and customer service your campground or RV park has to offer through photo and video content on those campground marketing channels.

6. Family-Friendly Activities

Campgrounds that offer family-friendly activities and amenities including playgrounds, swimming pools, mini-golf courses, zip lines, and recreational facilities are primed to attract the family camper demographic. Offering planned activities like arts and crafts sessions or family-friendly outdoor movies adds value and convenience, making the camping trip both fun and stress-free for parents and children alike. Campgrounds can entice parents to book by marketing their location as a destination with endless recreational offerings for children, providing parents with the opportunities they need to relax and unwind while the kids are at play. 

7. Safety and Security Measures

Campgrounds and RV parks deliver the perfect balance of great outdoors exploration and comfort. Locations that provide well-lit pathways, security patrols, surveillance cameras, gated entrances, and well-defined emergency response protocols can provide peace of mind to campers during their stay. Motivate campers to book by highlighting your safety features and protocols through your campground marketing channels and consider providing opportunities for feedback through in-person camper interactions and post-stay surveys to gain insight into what safety features you could enhance to elevate the guest experience at your campground or RV park.

8. Community and Social Atmosphere

Camping trends indicate that campers value opportunities to socialize and connect with other campers. Campgrounds that foster a sense of community through team-based events, communal gathering spaces, and sporting games can appeal to guests seeking a camping experience that also fosters human connection. A strong sense of community and social atmosphere where staff and fellow campers form bonds is also a contributing factor to guest retention, motivating repeat bookings, social media engagement, and positive reviews for your campground or RV park.

9. Accessibility and Inclusivity

With camper trends and demographics shifting, it’s more important than ever to cater your campground or RV park offerings to a wider, more diverse audience. Campgrounds that prioritize accessibility and inclusivity by offering barrier-free facilities, paved walkways, ADA accessible campsites, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities can attract a broader range of campers through strategic campground marketing and promote their status as an accessible campground or RV park where all are welcome.

10. Affordability and Value

While camping industry trends indicate that booking motivation is largely driven by amenities and features, affordability and value remain crucial determining factors for booking in 2024. Campgrounds that offer competitive pricing, discounts for extended stays, membership discounts and loyalty programs, as well as value-added amenities such as golf cart or boat rentals can appeal to budget-conscious campers without compromising on quality. Connecting your campground or RV park to an OTA allows you to amplify your campground’s reach to a wider audience while simultaneously displaying dynamic pricing to campers in real time to remain competitive and maximize campground occupancy.

Understanding evolving camping trends and key factors influencing booking is imperative for campground and RV park success. By exploring the top factors influencing campground bookings in 2024, campground owners can strategically position their location to attract a wider audience and increase revenue. Through tactical campground and RV park marketing initiatives and elevated experience offerings, campground and RV park owners can gain a competitive edge, attract new campers, and foster long-term customer loyalty in the dynamic outdoor hospitality industry. Explore more ways to position your campground or RV park for success in 2024 and beyond, and gain exposure to over 60 million campers by listing your property on Spot2Nite.