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OHI Reaffirms Core Members in Mission Statement, RV Parks and Campgrounds Remain OHI’s #1 Focus in Both Legal Documents and Strategic Plan


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Previously known as ARVC


The ARVC legacy continues in OHI.

Our organization embarks on a new chapter, transitioning from ARVC to OHI (Outdoor Hospitality Industry). This rebranding is more than a name change; it’s a reaffirmation of our leadership in advancing outdoor hospitality and representing the RV parks, resorts, campgrounds, glamping accommodations, and everything in between. Our journey towards rebranding involved extensive member engagement and industry analysis, ensuring that our new identity resonates with the evolving dynamics of our field.

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ARVC is now known as OHI


Our evolution as your national organization is focused on becoming your ultimate advocate, championing your business, and advocating for the growth and prosperity of the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. With that goal in mind, we are proud to share with you a rebrand which includes the renaming of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds to OHI, further solidifying our role as the leader in advancing the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. With nearly 60 years of industry leadership, OHI is the trusted voice for outdoor hospitality businesses. Backed by earned trust, proven resources, and practical expertise, we are committed to advancing the next decades for our industry.

In an era of booming outdoor recreation, the expectation for our organization to direct the bright future of Outdoor Hospitality for all our current and future members is higher than ever. Whether you’re the ultimate stop on a journey, an overnight stay, or the starting point of a larger adventure, a state association supporting these businesses, or one of our industry partners offering innovations and opportunities, all of Outdoor Hospitality creates incredible experiences and lasting memories for the campers, RVers, and adventurers our members serve every day.

As OHI, we remain deeply committed to the core values and services that have always defined us. Our members can continue to expect the same level of excellence of professional development, networking opportunities, business tools, and advocacy. The familiar offerings, like the annual Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (OHCE), will continue under the OHI banner, maintaining their status as cornerstones of our community.

What’s new is our enhanced focus on inclusivity and forward-thinking strategies. OHI represents a broader spectrum of the outdoor hospitality sector, from traditional campgrounds to emerging trends in eco-tourism and sustainable practices. While we adapt to the changing landscape, our dedication to empowering every member remains unwavering.

In essence, OHI is not just a new name, but a renewed promise to be at the forefront of a thriving outdoor hospitality industry, driving innovation and excellence for our members and the communities they serve.


Watch OHI’s brand launch video below.