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70 Years of Anvil Campground

Meet Chris and Raymon Jump

Anvil Campground, found in the historic landscapes of Williamsburg, Virginia, stands as a testament to hospitality and warmth, welcoming guests to an unforgettable outdoor experience. As the park celebrates its 70th anniversary, it’s not just a milestone; it’s a cherished legacy upheld by the Jump family for four generations.  

To truly grasp the essence of Anvil Campground, it’s important to delve into the personal histories of brothers Chris and Raymon Jump, the fourth-generation owners of this treasured park. Both Chris and Ray spent their childhood in the park’s warm atmosphere, surrounded by the joys of camping and a spirit of hospitality. With about 60 sites, log cabins, and two cottages, the park exudes a cozy charm that fosters one-on-one interactions with guests. As Chris describes it, “It’s very much intimate, with a lot of hands-on service from the staff.”  

So intimate in fact that Chris and Ray’s parents, Jerry and Patricia, would prepare weekly, delicious meals for the campers. These cookouts became a beloved highlight for guests (and the brothers haha). Their parents spared no effort, often waking up early to start cooking and continuing until the last guest was served. Whether it was grilling up burgers and hot dogs or preparing local seafood like crab and oysters, their dedication to providing a welcoming atmosphere was a defining and lasting aspect of the park.   

Their childhood was intertwined with the rhythms of campground life, from assisting with daily operations to forging lasting friendships with guests through the years. Despite pursuing different paths in their early careers, the sudden passing of their father in 2005 called them back to their roots. With Chris taking the helm in management and Ray joining soon after, they embarked on a journey to carry forward the family business.  

Behind the scenes, Chris and Ray orchestrate the park’s day-to-day operations with precision and passion. Ray, the boots-on-the-ground operations manager, ensures seamless functioning, having the most “face time” with guests, while Chris handles the strategic, behind-the-scenes aspects, including marketing and HR. Their teamwork and mutual respect have forged a solid foundation for Anvil Campground’s ongoing success.  

Located near a wealth of historical landmarks, Anvil Campground offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of American history. From the iconic Jamestown settlement to the historic Yorktown battlefield, visitors can journey through time, retracing the footsteps of the nation’s founding figures. This proximity to America’s rich history will always be an important aspect of this family park, one they’re certainly proud of.  

And they have their own rich history, too. Reaching the milestone of 70 years is a testament to the enduring spirit of Anvil Campground and the generations of guests who have graced its grounds. For Chris and Ray, it’s a moment of reflection and gratitude, honoring the legacy passed down by their parents and grandparents. For seven decades, Anvil Campground has stood as a beacon of hospitality and outdoor adventure, welcoming generations of guests seeking respite, fun, and connection. This milestone signifies more than just the passage of time; it encapsulates the rich tapestry of every memory and relationship woven into the fabric of the park’s history.  

In addition to its rich history, Anvil Campground has earned industry accolades, including OHI’s prestigious Small Park of the Year award, bestowed upon them twice, in 2018 and 2022, and most recently Campspot’s 2024 Top RV Campground in North America. All of this recognition underscores their commitment to excellence and serves as a source of pride and inspiration for their entire team. And Chris has hosted OHI webinars, contributed OHI POW! content, been a speaker and panel member at OHI’s OHCEs and if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the Virginia Campground Association’s president. Phew.   

Looking ahead, the future of Anvil Campground shines bright with promise. While honoring the traditions of the past, Chris and Ray are committed to innovation and growth, ensuring that future generations of campers will continue to find all the coziness and camaraderie that has allowed Anvil Campground to thrive for all of these years.   

Conveniently located near Busch Gardens and Williamsburg attractions, Anvil Campground offers direct bus services for easy access. Guests also enjoy deeply discounted Busch Gardens tickets, first-class utilities at the park, a heated pool, modern bathhouses, patio sites, a free game room, kids stay free, and so much more.

As Anvil Campground celebrates 70 years of existence, it honors not only its past but also looks forward to the countless adventures of the future. Here’s to 70 years of memories made, and 70 more yet to come. Oh, and keep an eye out for all of the wonderful stories people are sharing to celebrate this major milestone to truly paint the picture of this park.