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A Teacher Enters the Classroom: Meet Austin Cable

The Cable family of Austin Lake RV Park and Cabins in Toronto, OH.

When it comes to Outdoor Hospitality, few stories encapsulate a legacy of family, dedication to growth, and ongoing success like the Cable family of Austin Lake RV Park and Cabins in Toronto, OH. 

Austin Cable, 4th generation operator of Austin Lake RV Park and Cabins and a student of the George O’Leary National School of Outdoor Hospitality 2023, encapsulates that legacy as he continues growth in the industry preparing to attend year 2 of the school and earn his OHP

We sat down with Austin to dive into his unique perspective on the evolution of his family’s park and the invaluable experiences he’s gained through the National School. 

School is no new setting for Austin. As a second-generation educator, lifelong learning is in his blood. His parents, Bill and Marsha Cable, worked full time teaching junior high and special education respectively, all while operating the lake and raising 3 children (yupp, Austin is one of them). Austin taught for 20 years while managing the park in his “free time” before stepping back from the public school setting and into the park full time, right back into the classroom of National School.  

When asked about a standout benefit from his first year of National School, Austin pointed to the significant impact of networking.  

“It’s as much about what you learn in the classroom as who you learn it with,” Austin said. “I’ve leaned on my 2023 cohort and instructors to help me solve problems and keep improving my park even after the school was over. When we went to update our park rules this year, I pulled from things I learned in the school and then asked my cohort what materials they had. There’s no need to recreate the wheel, and National School gave me the wheels to be inspired by.”  

In year 2 of National School, Austin looks forward to diving deeper into subjects like budgeting, marketing strategies, decision-making processes, and social tracking. And seeing his cohort again.  

Looking ahead, Austin shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, revealing plans to add two new sewered sections, accommodating 50 existing sites. With this expansion, 80% of the park will now be sewered, marking a substantial improvement in infrastructure. 

Austin’s parents, Bill and Marsha Cable, are also proud alumni of the National School, attending over a decade ago. They attribute their success in part to their OHI and OCOA memberships as well as their attendance at the school. From 1946 when the park first opened to now there have been substantial upgrades to the park, including upgraded pavement and electrical systems. Despite these improvements, the family-focused atmosphere remains intact, attracting more visitors, especially families, with added amenities such as cabins, concrete pads, a Wi-Fi system, and more reliable equipment. The park, recognized by US Today as one of the top urban campgrounds, continues to thrive with its 1300 acres, an 80-acre lake, 250 sites, and many amenities. And many more to come under Austin’s leadership.  

The Cable family’s story is a testament to the enduring spirit of family-owned parks and their ability to adapt and grow. As Austin Cable looks forward to his second year at the National School, the legacy of his family’s park stands as a symbol of success in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry, showcasing the values of continuity, innovation, and a commitment to growth.