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OHM, OHP and OHE? What Do They Even Mean?

If you’re new to the Outdoor Hospitality Industry, you’ve probably noticed that some of your colleagues have initials like OHM, OHP and OHE next to their names on their email signatures or business cards. But you may not know what these initials mean. So let’s take a look at each one, and in the process, you just may decide you want to add one or more of them to your name one day, too!

When one of these designations appears after someone’s name, it means that they have attained professional industry certification by completing one or both weeks of The George O’Leary National School of RV Park and Campground Management.

This highly successful program offers a proven curriculum designed to equip both prospective and current park owners and managers with the tools they need to develop a thriving outdoor hospitality business. The school is offered in two one-week sessions.


Students who attend the first year of the program learn how to market their guest experience, create standard operating procedures and gain foundational management skills including hiring procedures, employee training and leadership. They also learn how to work with a budget, operate recreational activities and keep guests safe through risk management and awareness of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. Park professionals who successfully complete the first week of the school receive their Outdoor Hospitality Management (OHM) certificate.


In year two of the National School, students continue to focus on the guest experience as the theme that drives decision-making and business planning. They also learn how to analyze marketing approaches, develop standard operating procedures and apply management principles that include employment law, training and performance and conducting challenging employee conversations. They also take a deeper dive into risk management and ADA guidelines and their long-term strategic impacts. Students also learn now to create a budget and understand finance opportunities for business growth. Park professionals who successfully complete the second week receive their Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) certificate.


Students who have completed both years of the National School and who also have years of industry experience then have the opportunity to pursue their Outdoor Hospitality Executive (OHE) certificate. To work toward their certificate, they will identify a project that will allow them to grow personally and/or professionally while giving back to the industry.

So when you see someone with an OHM, OHP or OHE after their name, it means that they’ve shown a strong commitment to advancing their industry education. It’s something you can do, too. Learn more about The George O’Leary National School of RV Park and Campground Management. School is in session Feb. 25 – Mar. 1, 2024 at Ogelbay Resort in Wheeling, WV.